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No… Your move is NOT going to look like that!
You’ll be way more organized and we have way better looking trucks & stuff!

So how do you know what size box you need? We actually need to calculate the volume (fancy word for size) of your shipment. We know we know….ugg, math, but we’ve made it easy for you. Kinda like that calculator app on your phone. So let’s decide how much you want to move. Yes you want to take EVERYTHING but you can’t so let’s use the official Shit Fitter” to figure it out shall we? (Oh com’on, you call it shit too!)

Simply plug in how many items into the appropriate boxes and our fancy-dancy system will calculate it at the bottom for you. Now you can make an educated decision on how much you want to ship.

Very cool right? This is almost like picking out what size fries you want… Small, Medium, Large or Super-Size Me!

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We offer three basic sizes to choose from with an XL at the end.

Small moving container
Norm Large Moving Container


63.5 Cubic Feet of quaint packing space

• 58” x 41” x 45” outside dimensions
• Inside dimensions of Judy without her skid 57.75” x 40.75” x 40.75”
• Double-wall, HEAVY-DUTY material ?
• Solid Bottom (don’t we all want that?)
• Access from the front for easy loading ?
• Easy set up and knock down for re-use (look at you saving the planet) ♻️


94.5 Cubic Feet of hefty packing space

• 54” x 54” x 56” outside dimensions
• Inside dimensions of Norm without his skid 53.75” x 53.75” x 51.75”
• Double-wall, HEAVY-DUTY material ?
• Norm has a solid bottom too! ?
• Access from the front for easy loading (trust me…it’s awkward for us to say this)
• Easy set up and knock down for re-use (Dog House for cranky spouse?) ♻️

SUPER cool thing…

Judy & Norm are perfect for storage and way more cost effective than renting a storage unit!

Shipping containers


1060 Cubic Feet in a 20’ can

• 19.4’ x 7.7’ x 7.9’ interior dimensions on the 20’


2120 Cubic Feet in a 40′ model

• 39.5’ x 7.7’ x 7.9’ interior dimensions on the 40’

OK… We lied a little…

There is another option to ship or store your belongings and that, my friend, is our (wait for it)…


We realize that not everyone owns items that can fit into a Judy or a Norm because they’re too tall or too long but still, they don’t own enough to fill a container so, securing it on a skid is the next best thing.

If you love Jenga® you’re going to love this! It’s the ultimate DIY packing. We’ll help you get an ISPM 15/IPPC pallet (fancy name for a treated wood pallet) that you will need to load your items onto (while you’re out getting the skid you might as well stop at your local hardware store to grab a roll of shrink wrap) and now you’re ready to create a tower of power.

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Oh yeah… One more thing….

We’re going to need to know what you’ve packed on there so please fill in the mandatory inventory list as well as the final height.

And that’s no lie!

If Your Shit Fits... It Ships!
Not sure what you need? Give us a shout, we would love to hear from you!